Since 1999

Shawnee Trees tree farm was started in 1999 by Shawn Geiman and Shawnee Trees, LLC is family owned and operated by Shawn and his wife, Jennifer. 

Shawn has a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from Stephen F. Austin State University (1995), and a Master’s degree in Agriculture from Stephen F. Austin State University (1997). Prior to starting Shawnee Trees, he worked in the tree and landscape industry. Shawn worked for a large wholesale nursery, and a large tree farm. Through the International Society of Arboriculture, Shawn is a Certified Arborist and has been trained for TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualified). He will be happy to answer any questions concerning young trees, mature trees and other landscape related issues.

We are located west of Old Town Katy. Trees are grown in ground, ready for transplanting, basket & burlap or containers. Shawnee Trees offers a variety of oak trees: Live Oak, Red Oak, Overcup Oak, Water Oak, Willow Oak & Burr Oak. Other trees available are: Lacebark Elm, Bald Cypress, Dura Heat River Birch, Bradford Pear, Red Maple, Pine & variety of crape myrtles.

Shawnee Trees offers tree trimming, tree removal, deep root feeding, fertilization, tree sales, tree installation, landscape design, stump grinding, root pruning, root barrier installation, tree risk assessments, consultations and tree surveys.